About Us

Fesner is manufacturer and distributor of wood and metal products with main office in Riga, Latvia.
We could offer you stainless steel and aluminum heaters, other metal items, timber, wood pallets, hot tubs, saunas, cottages and other wood items.

Special pricing for our B2B clients

We are especially interested in business to business (B2B) partnerships in different countries. We could offer special conditions and pricing for long term partners. Write us to info@stove-heater.com or infofesner@gmail.com.

Trustworthy service

Our long experience in the market lets us offer you very good financial and transportation conditions that are provided by our long – term transportation partners and other suppliers. All our partners are trustworthy and long business term oriented companies.

We provide international warranty for our products

We always make sure you receive only the best quality products from our company. As a guarantee we provide you international warranty that works on this principle in each country: we change the damaged item or its part and also cover transportation costs.


 - We are flexible and could offer our products for small personal orders and for big companies.


Hot tubs

AZ Baltic hot tub
We produce natural wood and plastic hot tubs – outdoor spas.

Our wooden hot tubs are made of the best technical characteristics wood – larch and fir, thus they could be used for 15 – 20 years.

It is easy to clean and maintain our wood hot tubs. All you need to clean them is using simple spas’ / swimming pools’ chemicals. Only after 2 – 3 times of use you have to change change water or simply order our filtering system which makes sure it stays clean up to 4 – 5 months.

Our plastic hot tubs do not require any special treatment. You could use them for many years because they are not damaged by temperature changes and water. You also do not need to keep water while not using them. Our plastic hot tubs also do not get molds.

Prices starting from 850 EUR per unit.

Barrel saunas

AZ Baltic Barrel saunas

We manufacture serial and individual saunas. We offer 4 different dimensions saunas for your different needs. Although, you could also order your special dimensions. We could also manufacture barrel saunas using your own sketches.

We use only natural materials. We use natural wood – fir, larch or other according to your needs – for our barrel saunas. You could choose these materials freely.

You could order either electric or wood burning sauna heater.

Prices starting from 1450 EUR per unit.

Stainless steel heaters

AZ Baltic heater

We manufacture and export stainless steel stoves for hot tubs, spas, saunas and different places to use inside and outside.

Serial and individual wood burning stoves. We offer you 3 sizes stainless steel heaters for your different needs. Although, you could order individual product with your special dimensions and features. You could send us either your own sketch or we could offer you special stainless steel heater solution after we hear your needs.

We use good quality certificated metal. All our stainless steel products are made of 413 and higher numbering stainless steel. We also produce stainless steel products for food industry using the highest quality certificated metal.

We provide you all necessary accessories for wood burning heaters like chimney, temperature gauge, pressure gauge. We also manufacture stainless steel chimney systems, temperature gauges, pressure gauges and other accessories. Our gauges could be used either in European or in English measure systems.

Prices starting from 400 EUR per unit.

Water filters

AZ Baltic filters
AZ Baltic filters
AZ Baltic filters  
Prices starting from 250 EUR per unit.

We sell water filter systems for hot tubs, spas, swimming pools and big ponds.

We will offer you the best filter system solution according to your individual needs. Our filtering systems keep water clean in hot tubs, spas, swimming pools, water ponds and other.

We also offer you all filtering system accessories. You could order special filter cartridge.

Shower cabins

We manufacture and export wooden garden shower cabins.

Our natural wood showers could be used inside or outside in your garden.

It is easy to prepare garden shower for use in your place. You only need to make sure water source near it. It could be either water from water supply system or solar heater system.

Prices starting from 450 EUR per unit.

Wooden pallets

We produce wood pallets and pallet blanks.

We could make sure big monthly quantities. Our manufacturing lines let us produce and export thousands of cubic meter monthly.

We could offer you different dimensions and wood quality pallets. We could manufacture pallets according different standards. You could choose wood quality from wood strips without bark to highest quality planks.

We produce certificated pallets. We have certificates and special marks for European and other markets.

We use fir, spruce and wood according to your needs for our pallets.

Prices starting from 90 EUR per cubic meter


We organize

transportation (door–to–door, door to port, etc.) and all documents for export to all countries. We could organize land, sea and air transportation by trucks, containers, planes and trains.

You could order our products fully assembled or disassembled in order to save space while transporting.

We could offer you the best price transportation and documents clearing services. We have long term transportation and customs intermediaries partners that give us special pricing because we are constantly using their services.

Our transportation partners are reliable international companies that work with us for 10 years.

Our Contacts

Please contact us for our products, services and your business offers to:

E-mail: info@stove-heater.com or infofesner@gmail.com

Owner Mr. Tadas Paulauskas